Features of Crib Dudu

Registered model and design ®
Designed by: Rafa Ortega.
Innovative, bright and simple.

Side Windows

in the textile, to watch the baby at any moment – especially when parents are in bed, lying in the sofa… -  and also allows the baby to see them and the world around him.

¡¡ Not only the ceiling room!!


Reversible Quilt / Sleeping bag

To use the side you like best, plain or printed one with funny and bright colours. The quilt becomes a Sleeping bag when carrying the baby, so he can keep nice and warm in his own quilt.



(not dismantling) no need to remove the textile nor the mattress….And, when you need it, it will be ready in a minute for an immediate use.



Light. The total weight, including the textil and mattress is 8.8 kgs.
Very strong and durable. It is very well known the resistance of this type of material and is not attacked by woodworm.
Certified Wood  nº PEFC/483A/2008 (sustainable forest).


Very quiet wheels

With brakes. Made with a soft material (silicone), will not scratch the parquet, very easy to remove, wash… etc.


Swinging option

just easily remove the wheels.


Special mattress made of compacted fiber

100% cotton textiles

Both external and internal textiles and available in a wide range of colours.


¡¡¡ NEW !!! Reversible crib textile  (Optional internal print )

Plain in the outer side? Printed in the inner side? How do you like it best?  You can use the textile cloth in the way you like it best and change it whenever you whish to get a Different crib. Also, to add even more security, it is manufactured avoiding seams on the bottom, only find in the side parts.

Transport Bag





according to UNE EN 1130/ 1-2:1996.

Bigger size

due to its special conic shape, it has a bigger size on top, which makes it easier to take and leave the baby. Also the height is a bit taller as it is designed so that the side windows remain at an ideal height in relation to the bed of the parents.

Other items

Taking advantage of the quality and composition of the textiles (100%) cotton, we have produced a collection of Duvet covers, Bumpers, Bed linen, Bath changer….that will continue being with the baby in his room for longer.